Exposure to others' stories and distress:

Being exposed to people's stories and emotions can take a particular toll. It is emotionally exhausting work and opens people to the risk of suffering vicarious trauma—remembering that those who perform this role range from those serving drinks at the local pub, the hair dresser, sports coach, teacher, doctor or council receptionist, insurance assessor to case managers and counsellors.

I avoid documentaries about the fires. I knew every person and their story in one documentary which covered a wide range geographically. I kept thinking, I shouldn't know the details of what's happened to these people that's not being talked about. Jodie Bowker – formerly of EACH, Victoria

They had to control their own stress plus the stress of people they are supporting, residents with trauma, talking and starting to cry, every day. Residents want to talk and want someone who will listen to them and stay by their side and nod and say, "Yes". Very tiring. Exhausting. Tohru Shirakawa – JVC