The blur between supporting a community and being part of a community:

Supporting people within your own community flows over into effects on community life outside your role.

When I see someone in the street I am remembering how I met them. It colours the whole social interaction as I recall and identify with their journey. Jodie Bowker – formerly of EACH, Victoria

You can be ostracised if clients are in your own community. Anger against the department automatically ostracises people. They have grown up in that community. They are now cut off. They get stuck between pressures from their department and having their community supports ripped away from them. Greg Ireton – Advisor, Victorian Government

You know everybody so it becomes more personal and when it becomes more personal it becomes more stressful. And I will see them in the supermarket or at a school function. At school I will get a building permit question or messages on my personal Facebook from architects... Scott Kemins - Building Commissioner