All encompassing:

Between the flow-on effect of client interactions into home life, and life outside the role also being impacted by the disaster, disaster recovery can be all encompassing. There is no escaping the stressors and themes faced in your role when they permeate all aspects of life.

It's not being able to get away from it. Where's the respite? ... It's living it, breathing it, and being surrounded by it and not even realising the impact it is having on you until you get away and have a picnic where you are not surrounded by black trees... Alexina Baldini – CIMA

One teacher said, the area I lived in every house disappeared and only the rice field remained but my house on the hillside was okay. And to go to school on my bicycle through this and to have to go back through dark fields was... It was nice when we began to hear the frogs come back and sing. Machiko Kamiyama – Yamagata University/Care Miyagi