The slings and arrows of life:

And because recovery is an on-going process over a number of years, normal life stressors continue to contribute to the mix, the impacts of which can be exacerbated by reduced carrying capacity. The idea that life stress can be neatly left at the door when you come to work in recovery is a fallacy.

You cannot separate out normal stressors from those of recovery. The slings and arrows of normal life have a different impact when they come after, when the whole community has been through trauma. Anne Leadbeater – Kinglake Ranges

It is the combination of personal and work factors – not just seeing, hearing and touching the disaster around you. The family circumstances. If your mother is not well, kids are sick, children's school... practical issues at home... It is the combination of the two that counts... Absolutely, personal and work stressors cannot be separated. Johara Boukaa – World Vision