Waning support:

Another reality appears to be that whilst demands do not seem to relent, available support wanes with time, with exhaustion tracking upward. Residents have expectations raised by the glut of initial support, which once withdrawn, leaves in its wake depleted and tired community personnel with an arduous, complex job to complete in the face of public scrutiny and expectation.

It gets more and more difficult each year, and financially more difficult as time goes on. People forget. Geographical distance is closely related to psychological distance. The same happens with time. Dr Toshiharu Makishima - Japanese Red Cross Medical Center
Many people came originally, now they feel forgotten. The media have moved on. It is a big burden to carry responsibility themselves now without support. Tohru Shirakawa - JVC

Once the majority of the work is done, agencies stepped out. But in their wake they left community in a diminished-service environment. There are raised expectations in the community. Then when you withdraw services there is greater pressure on the local organisations that are left. Anon – Kinglake Ranges