Along with the reduced attention, can come a sense of social isolation, left to cope with a role, which is novel and unchartered with little understanding of the faced realities.

There are increasing feelings of isolation amongst the workers. If you don't have support you have no one to share problems with and get rid of stress. You feel alone. The isolation aspect is the worst thing and if you end up isolated there is no valve to let it out so you end up amplifying your own troubles. You lose objectivity and cannot reason in a rational way and this will affect your activities. Anon - Japan

I often work alone and it is isolating. I have met others but they work in temporary accommodation so are in a different context with different challenges. They already have a strong support network but I am on my own as a support network didn't exist for my role, so I don't have anyone to share my challenges with. Teiichiro Yotsukura – Japan