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Argument 3: It’s just the right thing to do (ethical obligation)

Taking care of the supporters is a responsibility, an obligation and should be in line with your organisational values—particularly if you are a helping agency. Anything less has a tendency to feel like hypocrisy. When ethics and morality are considered, supporting the supporters is simply the right thing to do.  

Supporting your workers is just the right thing to do. But that’s never the first reason given is it? We always try to tie it to some budgetary reasons to convince people. It will cost you more at the end of the day if you don’t. Interviewing, recruiting, hiring, it’s less expensive for an agency to take care of its staff than to get new ones every year and a half. … In some organisations, there is 100% focus on clients and 0% focus on staff and this needs to change. Diane Ryan – American Red Cross

These people are the finest you will ever meet. It is just the right thing to do. We know what hurts people and what helps them, and it doesn’t cost much. Dr James Guy – Headington Institute