Before the earthquakes Sasha had a busy social service role and successfully balanced the responsibilities of house, immediate and extended family, social and community involvement. However, her 40 hour working role plus external responsibilities has ballooned on every front. Sasha is now simultaneously managing the equivalent roles of:

60hrweek  A 60-hour per week job with added difficulty and complexity 

UN Peacekeeper as exhaustion causes niggles between colleagues at work

 translator International interpreter responsible for communicating the post-disaster realities and needs to outside personnel or agencies 
 4-Racing-wheel Off-road driving specialist – navigating over damaged terrain and ever-changing road closures to manage the school run
builder Site foreman/project manager for home rebuild or repair work
legalese Insurance specialist fluent in ‘legalese’

Packing and removal contractor – managing multiple house shifts during repair or rebuild processes of her own (or rented) home


Geologist – able to accurately identify, size, depth and direction of the epicentre of aftershocks as they occur


Counsellor to stressed, distressed and frustrated neighbours and friends


Parental P.A. – I.T. tasks, process navigation and paperwork to support older parents with their insurance claims, rebuild or repair processes