Tips are derived from learned experiences, insights and shared wisdom of those who have previously or are currently playing a role in supporting communities during the long term recovery following a disaster.  The quotations used have been selected from a multitude of similarly expressed direct messages with the varied audiences in mind. For example, interviewees were asked “With providing support for those with a role in disaster recovery in mind, what message would you give to team leaders?”


Connection provides the opportunity to express frustrations, share challenges, consider strategies for problem solving, advocate in numbers, and share information, knowledge and resources.(click for more)


Education prepares supporters for the challenges involved and provides knowledge and tools to perform their role and safeguard their wellbeing(click for more)

Systemise support for the supporters

Ideally, if we consider the disaster cycle, we should include team support right at the beginning in planning and practicing for disasters before they occur (click for more)

Lighten the load

Ensuring loads carried by the supporters are feasible is a vital method of support. The complexity and difficulty of the recovery environment may render pre-disaster determinants of work- or case-loads void (click for more)

Reflect, acknowledge and celebrate

Because recovery is relentless and all-consuming it is very easy to lose perspective and to become overwhelmed and exhausted (click for more)

Additional tips for:

Team Leaders

Governance/senior leadership

Human resource personnel


Messages for those with a role in recovery