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Bend and flex

Clarity in direction, boundaries and objectives is important, but works best when accompanied with the autonomy and flexibility to shape the support within these limits using the benefit of local knowledge.

Many yearn for trust in local perceptions and the flexibility to be able to respond to local needs using local knowledge. Yet those who are completely unfettered, with little guidance and direction, feel discounted and isolated.

I think the importance of structure with flexibility is good. You need to take the time to plan but it being flexible planning. The idea is of it being like a travel guide rather than an instruction manual. At least with a travel guide you can think okay this is where we are going, this is what we may or may not see and if we do see that then we can… Having that type of approach rather than too structured and directive. John Richardson – Australian Red Cross 

Accompanied with clear role objectives, flexibility of working hours and conditions, especially for those juggling recovery and other demands outside their role, was noted as immeasurably helpful.

Apply the idea of people-centred to the workplace not just clients. I am having to build a house and working as well. If I said I’ve got this personal stuff going on – having the flexibility of hours and time to deal with personal stuff means the difference between working and not working. Sylvie Thomas – COGA, Kinglake