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As previously mentioned, it can take courage and self-insight to consider your own needs when working in recovery and to expect or request support. There is often fear as to whether advocating for your own needs will change how you are perceived or have negative consequences.

Approaching stress-management from the perspective of coping or not coping illustrates a false divide, often leading to judgment about the person themselves or their abilities whilst disregarding the load or circumstances. The result is the feeling of being punished or considered inadequate.

How much can I tell you? You're my boss, but is it safe for me to say this if I am struggling? Will I be punished or supported? Anon - New York

I made a pact with my manager that I would go to him if I was feeling stressed and I did and it backfired. If I share how I am feeling then will I be taken off this work? Jodie Bowker – formerly of EACH, Victoria