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'Unhinged advocacy'

A lack of understanding of the nature and impacts of stress within organisations impacts the ability for workers to feel they can ask for the support they require without feeling they are affronting the organisation or coming across as 'unhinged'.

I felt that I had to advocate in a fairly unhinged way to get the balance back. Anne Leadbeater – Kinglake Ranges

I would try to speak to them and make them understand the situation. We saw these scenes every day and had to talk to the people every day – for me it was so real but for them it was in their imagination. I felt I was showing myself to be crazy when I tried to increase understanding in the organisation.

They thought I was emotional – 'Is she okay? She looks so crazy.' Mie Kashiwade – Plan Japan

You feel like you are challenging senior leadership personally if you ask for what is needed. Anon – Kinglake Ranges