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Not feeling valued:

Feeling disregarded and unappreciated is particularly painful, whether as a volunteer or staff member.
Although, almost without exception, those working in recovery do not do so for recognition, the role can be thankless (particularly for those in a service role). Whilst thanks is not the motivation, positive feedback for the considerable effort expended is important.

There was accumulated grief of not being valued and not having their expertise listened to. Dr Rob Gordon - Consultant psychologist in emergency recovery

We had heard from one of the staff that management had stated in a meeting that they needed more funds because the lack of funding was the reason they didn't have quality staff. So we do not feel valued for our skills and what we do. And they are not willing to spend money to enhance existing staff. Ayami Sugai – Japan

When compared to the volunteers, there is the feeling that you get paid for it, so that's all the thanks and support you need. Jodie Bowker – formerly of EACH

The view that volunteers don't matter much. Many people feel you can always get new volunteers. This fails to recognise that volunteers are our backbone and it is not easy to get good volunteers. Louise Steen Kryger – IFRC
There is a gap between those visible and valued and those toiling away but not recognised. Anne Leadbeater - Kinglake Ranges