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Lack of direction or guidance:

In direct contrast to a feeling of lack of autonomy impacting on their ability to perform their role supporting the community, unclear organisational direction, role expectations, indecision and lack of guidance or involvement were also found to pose a significant challenge.

If the remit isn't valuable or useful and you cannot successfully advocate up the line then you are left with a choice of either to sell to punters what they don't need or to go rogue. Anne Leadbeater - Kinglake Ranges

The head office has decisive power but don't necessarily use it so there is a strange in between sense of where orders are coming from. I wish they could be more decisive both on a macro level in terms of a plan and micro with problems and decisions. They don't know or can't decide so it becomes difficult for people in the affected area, so we felt, just leave it to us so we can do what is needed. Anon - Japan

When we are facing chaos being met by bewilderment in management is not helpful. It helps to have some guidance from higher up, even if it is an estimated plan. Anon – Kinglake Ranges

I don't see the outcome, the desired achievement, the goal of the organisation to be clear. As a member of the xxx (organisation name removed) I want to pursue this path in order to obtain the goal, but because I cannot see the goal it is so difficult. ... Yes, flexibility, yes trust, but not without support, concern for our problems or guidance. Nobuko Kamata - Japan

People wanted more guidance. Without background information how do we support people? Guidelines and information, practical and simple, from a good evidence base, for those struggling with how to provide support this was a relief. Mie Kashiwade – Plan Japan