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Business as usual:

A common 'brick', whether from within the organisation or without in relation to funders and government decision makers, was a pressure to return to business as usual—a pressure that is imposed despite not aligning to the local service provision reality and community needs.

There is real frustration that the system treats recovery as the tail end of something they want to close off and forget with a real pressure to go back to business as usual. There are a number of layers to the comment, "Aren't you over it yet?" There is the high political level shaped by the election cycle where they want it dealt with so it makes them look good. There is the bureaucratic level where they want to move on because having to manage recovery is a pain in the bum once funding and resources are scarce. And then there is the broader community response where it is either a genuine question asked out of ignorance with no malice or it comes judgment loaded. Helen Goodman - COGA