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Additional expectations:

When an environment is already chaotic and the load feels barely manageable additional expectations, tasks or changes are often added without realisation of the impacts.

Other stressors to be avoided are things like changing procedures mid process and adding new time constraints for workers, etc. Christie Wrightson - American Red Cross

Large NGOs or government organisations working in the space expect community to work as volunteers to provide them with the information they need to do their job. They are paid to do their job to help the community recover yet they impose huge time costs to communities. Anon – Kinglake Ranges

In addition to all the stress of working with the bushfire you add in a restructure. The change associated with the fires was huge, then there was change in staff turnover due to stress, then add a change in structure. This leads to anxiety and panic as a worker where it feels like there were no catching your breath moments in the last five years. If the fire hadn't hit we wouldn't have had this feeling. Change would be normal, but adding the change on top of everything else... Anon – Kinglake Ranges