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Inaccessible management:

Many felt a stressor was management being inaccessible, whether located locally or distantly. Some supporters felt their managers were not present or were uncaring. Others felt they were inaccessible due to their own workload and stress levels or because they were unsuited, unprepared or unsupported in their management role.

Managers play a key role in supporting the team so they need to be adequately prepared and trained for their staff-care responsibilities and understand the relevant organisational policies. Management related stressors, such as being inaccessible, communicating poorly, or being over-stretched or not coping, these can cause further stress for the team. Kate Minto – Mandala Foundation

If I raised a problem, my manager would counter with a larger problem of her own, so the conversation would become more and more volatile. It wasn't a helpful support role. Ayami Sugai – Japan