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Short-term funding:

Funding terms, especially, being too short, were not amenable to sustainable recovery goals.

If funders pay a lot of money at once they will cause problems. People expect projects that are begun to continue. If we don't fund long-term, and the needs continue, more issues are created in the long run than are solved. Tohru Shirakawa – JVC

We want our project not to be a flash in a pan. We want it to be sustainable. But now three years have passed, although there was lots of money and aid early on, it is harder to access. It is causing problems and making us more fatigued. Takahiro Ito – Fukkou University Alliance

Funding was a stressor. We had three month, six month, and eighteen-month grants. Having to do the justification and reports and write up a new grant every three to six months... Jill Hofmann – American Red Cross